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Welcome to my resurrected Webpage!

I have finally decided to work on my webpage and it is a work in progress. I wrote most of the earlier webpage myself and then had volunteers upgrade it. It had too many bells and whistles and certainly too much irrelevent information. Don't click on any of the links above. They will not work.

As many of you know, I ran for Congress in 2008 and 2010 against Bill Pascrell in the 8th congressional district of New Jersey. Both attempts failed. My plan for this web page is to post a combination of political opinions and personal information. The political section will include my ideas on how this country should be run, and frankly, I am totally convinced that had my ideas been implemented this country would be a lot better off right now than it is. The personal information will include family stuff, trips, and pictures. I have a smugmug account, rolandstraten.smugmug.com (the link will come later as I learn this new html editor -- for now you will just have to type the url). On this page I will have a bit of a travelogue and maybe write some bits of advice from my 74 years on this planet.

That's it for now. I have both a friends email list and a political email list. Email me at rstraten (at) this webpage if you would like to receive my emails. Also, if you are receiving emails from me and do not want them, email me as well

Thank you for visiting my webpage,
Roland Straten